Vetramil® Met -fluid

Vetramil® Met -fluid

Vetramil® Met cleaner is a honey based cleaner to be used for the uterus of cows. Vetramil® contains honey with a very high enzyme content. In a moist environment the enzyme glucose oxidase creates a slow release of small quantities of hydrogen peroxide. According to its special composition, Vetramil® cleaner calms the areas and enhances the regeneration of tissue.

To use for: dairy cows




The products have shelf life of three years after pad impregnation and sterilization. The storage conditions/temperature is between 4° and 30°C. 

The honey applied in the dressing fluid is free of residues and has a high enzyme content.

Pharmaceutical substances
Vetramil products do not contain pharmaceutical substances.

Directions for use

Download Vetramil® Met -fluid leaflet (PDF)